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“If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations.”

- Bill Gates

About Our Star PR

Our Star is known as an extremely passionate, proactive and powerful DJ public relations agency that has been triumphant and booming for the last number of years delivering the most promising results. We endeavor to make the best public relations efforts to deliver the most preferred results that our clients are always chasing for. In an attempt to raise the bottom-line results, sales and the image of our clients, we make exertions that are absolutely impeccable. Delivering proven and highly result oriented services, Our Star has managed to grab a prominent position amongst the top leading DJ PR companies. We specialize in offering the best in class services for buzz-building and publicizing producers, events and festivals in addition to DJs.

What contributes to our promising DJ promotion services?

There are a plethora of factors that significantly contribute to our exceptionally successful PR campaigns. Let us now discuss briefly about them:

Public Relations

A strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.

Social Media

Social media work wonders for almost every marketing campaign universally these days. So, we try to integrate the same to make our DJ promotion services too. Our team of exceptionally skilled and experienced content writers put efforts to craft the engaging content that vividly fascinates and persuades the viewers to share it across their entire social networks.


Having a well planned strategy plays a really crucial role in making any campaign an absolute winner. Our Star is a prominent DJ PR company that is acknowledged for incorporating the best in class strategies for the required action to realize the desired goals or outcomes. We are known for managing out the best possible stratagems in the industry.

Marketing Communications

Another influential thing that acts crucially important in making the public relations campaign a real success is Marketing Communications. We are well acquainted with multiple promotional ways to conquer the intentions of any particular marketing campaign. Our team of tremendously practiced and specialized professionals creates an exclusive amalgamation of all those methods and approaches to the required actions effortlessly.

What do we do additionally to build and administer relationships between your public and brand?

In addition to the aforementioned techniques, we have an array of other tactics that we incorporate to help building and managing relationships between your public and brand. Let us now go through them:

Press Releases

A press release is an official statement which is usually issued to media outlets encompassing the comprehensive information on any specific matter. It can be delivered directly to the targeted audience to make them aware of any exclusive DJ radio show promo.

PR Campaigns

PR Campaigns are the dynamic incorporated advertising efforts that are deliberately intended to accomplish the sought objectives and business comes about absolutely without any hassles. Since the commencement of Our Star, we have been essentially occupied with arranging and leading PR campaigns that can be extensively sorted into two sorts named Drivers and Builders.

We at Our Star offer comprehensively planned methodologies that take a full-channel way to deal with the marketing processes, in this manner results in making an intense establishment at the highest point of the channel. In addition, our dedicated administrations create leads and significantly switch the leads to profitable sales capably on the middle and increases client faithfulness at the bottom.

We are adept to convert the data into intelligence and intelligence into the required action with the exclusive blend of strong analytical skills of our certified professionals and construing the website & the marketing data to cater the most promising results proficiently.

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Press Kit

A press kit is frequently alluded to as a media kit specifically in business situations. Moreover, a press kit is a pre-bundled set of several promotional items of any individual, organization, or the association disseminated to individuals from the media for using the same for the purpose of promotion only. They are frequently appropriated to report a release or for any type of news conference.

Our Star has been a triumphant firm offering the best in class services since inception. Our team of skilled and highly accomplished professionals can be approached round the clock to experience the excellence in the industry. Be it any new product launch, news conference, industry trade show, large event, launch of any new brand or company, acquisitions or mergers, hiring the expertise and experience of Our Star will certainly work wonders.

We have years of experience facilitating our clients for the best press kit solutions on global scale.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is basically directly approaching a group of any specific audience via an email. We create the email with really attractive and compelling content that certainly makes the viewer to discover more about a track or DJ radio show promotion in detail.

Social Media Management

Simply creating a profile on social media platform is not enough but you need to manage it continuously. Our Star is proficient dexterous enough to manage every profile on different social media accounts for effective support and promotion.

Social Media Profiles

Social media profiles created on multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and much more will indubitably contribute significantly to reach the targeted audience proficiently. We have the exceptional expertise to create different profiles on different social media platforms and accomplish the needs of a successful Public Relations campaign.


Our Star is a consummate DJ public relations agency that has the acquaintance and potential to create a persuasive and captivating biography of your brand. Let the audience know about your brand and make them explore more about your services and solutions.

Blog Placement

Give a technical boost to your business by taking up specialized blog placement services. The committed blog placement services at Our Star will develop your brand without any doubt and offer you everything required to publicize your trademark as well as polish your multiple profiles on different social media platforms effortlessly.

Dedicated best in class blog placement services delivered by Our Star have been highly successful in tremendously escalating the fan following of various originations across the globe. Our team of exceptionally trained and experienced professionals has the expertise to educate you comprehensively about the significance and the needs of blog placements.

No matter which industry you are engaged in, no matter what is your geographical locations and no matter what your professional goals are, we at Our Star have been accomplished enough to let you explore everything extensively and meet the requirements within a designated span of time.

Media Liaison

Media Relations is the technical term for various exercises that include liaising specifically with the individuals in charge of creating the features, components and news in the mass media. The core intention of such media relations is to augment the positive scope in the mass media without paying for it straightforwardly through publicizing.

With the help of well practiced, knowledgeable and veteran team of media liaison professionals at Our Star, we aim on creating a constructive and enduring acquaintance not only with the media but the targeted audience too effortlessly. Our years of industry experience and expertise painstakingly assist a committed, developing client base of the customers positioned both globally and nationwide as well.

With the best union of the aptitude and abilities that our group of skilled staff gloats, we endeavor to deliver the exceptionality and have dependably been exultant encouraging the business necessities of our broad worldwide demographic media liaison services.

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Be it a simple DJ promotion or DJ radio show support through email marketing, social media management, press releases or PR campaigns, content is always a king. Without a credible and compelling content, no person will be interested in exploring more about your brand. In order to make everything work smoothly yet effectively, we utilize the skills, knack and adeptness of our specialized content writing team to get the best possible results of whatever we do for you to serve our promising and proven Public Relations services.
Our Star offers professionalism, experience and strategic philosophy of a recognized DJ PR company. We maneuver with the liveliness and hands-on approach to let every client meet the desired needs through our expert services and solutions. We incorporate the best blend of multiple public relations and creative services and capabilities to let you realize the most preferred goals with ease. By executing a full range of DJ promotion services, we make certain to boost up your prominence in the desired geographical area. In addition, Our Star is a sole practitioner from where you can obtain a tailored industry specific package too.
So, why should your organization or business worry about advertising, community relations, marketing and public relations when Our Star is here to facilitate such needs? We guarantee to get the key publics reach you. You can completely have trust on our promising services for building those everlasting relationships and give a back seat to your opposition and competitors in this competitive scenario prevailing all across the globe. To build a successful communication plan that will definitely meet all your business needs smoothly and flawlessly, feel free to approach our DJ public relations agency and discover what all we have to cater your business needs.
We are competent enough to conceptualize, build and implement an array of marketing initiatives, outreach plans, public service & advertising campaigns, fundraising initiatives, media relations strategies and public relations campaigns tailored specifically to influence your audience. Our systematic approach is balanced throughout with an exclusive understanding of persuasive communications to help to boost up your sales and enhancing your prominence in any specific industry. We get you the right mix of best practices, tools and techniques to accomplish your desired goals.
Approach us and let’s talk about it comprehensively!

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