PR Campaigns

Active Integrated Marketing Campaigns, Strategically Designed To Achieve The Desired Goals & Business Results Effortlessly!

Since inception, Our Star has been basically engaged in planning and conducting PR campaigns that can be broadly categorized into two types – Drivers and Builders.

These are the campaigns that usually make the most of the accessible assets to engender short term results in the middle and bottom of the funnel i.e. recurring sales, new client conversions and leads. They are frequently performed over a period of one to three months.
These are known as recurring campaigns that simply lay the groundwork for immaculate success in the future. Builder PR campaigns including social engagement, PR and blogging are specifically premeditated to craft and develop the assets on an enduring basis and principally support the top of the funnel metrics such as subscribers, visitors and reach.
Integrated PR Campaign Services
Our Star offers well formulated strategies that take a full-funnel approach to marketing, thus results in creating a tough foundation at the top of the funnel. Moreover, our specialized services help to generate leads and convert sales proficiently on the middle and augments customer loyalty at the bottom.
For all this, we incorporate the following core services:
Brand Marketing – We Define, Differentiate & Deliver
The brand is basically the foundation of every organization based on which every type of marketing campaign is strategized. These days, the brand is actually given a shape with the actions and words of prospects, clients, staff and various others associated on the web. The professionals at Our Star serve as consultants and brand strategists to help establish and deliver:

Content Marketing – We Craft Content That Audience Craves For

These days, brands have actually turned out to be storytellers. They compete for the minds and hearts of customers. The professionals at Our Star crafts intriguing multimedia content that not only invites but engages the targeted audience and uses the context of client behavior to create a personalized brand experience.
We fabricate and perform programs for the following:

Data Analysis – We turn data into Intelligence, and Intelligence into Action

At Our Star, we are fanatical about performance and measurement. With the strong analytical skills of our professionals, we interpret the marketing data & website to deliver the best possible results efficiently. We make use of leading analytics technology like HubSpot and Google Analytics to unveil the actionable intelligence to drive potential results.

In addition to all these, we at Our Star include various other skills like Email Marketing, Graphic Design, Lead Management, Paid Media Management, Public Relations, Sales Integration Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Strategic Planning to get you the best of PR campaigns.